Slováček Brno

The children's Folklore Ethnographic Ensemble „Slováček“ is visited by many children from Brno and its surroundings. The ensemble focuses on Brno´s children from four to eighteen years old, who are interested in learning games, songs, dances and folklore traditions of Southeast Moravia region - „Slovácko“. It was founded in 1975 and is part of „Slovácký krúžek“ in Brno. Children meet with its adult dancers and singers at public performances.

The programme of the group consists of children's folklore items from Kyjovsko, Horňácko, Břeclavsko, Veselsko, Strážnici and finally Moravské Kopanice. The aim of the group is to dance, play and sing for pleasure and enjoyment of all its members, friends and supporters.

„Slováček“ participates in cultural programs and events organized by Brno groups and societies, particularly those welcoming new born citizens, but also in other performances for fans of “Slovácko” folklore. Furthermore, the group participates in performances organized by the Association of Friends of folklore in Brno, such as parades of children's folklore ensembles, International Folklore Festivals or competition of folk singers. In this competition, which is held annually, several children from „Slováček“ have already got through to the final national round. The group has participated in international folklore festivals in Strážnice, Kunovice, Plzeň and Mako in Hungary.

Children in Slováček are divided in 4 dance groups and 2 dulcimer music groups which accompany the dancing units on all performances. The cimbalom orchestras also prepare their own repertoire, which enriches the ensemble performances by well-known and popular Moravian-Slovakian songs.

The ensemble regularly rehearses at Leisure Centre Lužánky LATA branch in Brno – Žabovřesky, Plovdiská street No. 8.

Part of rehearsals are performances for parents, Saint Nicolas events, thematic tours, trips to important Moravian-Slovakian places and the favourite summer training camp.

Everybody who wants to join our ensemble and learn not only to sing and dance but who also wish to find new friends and have fun are welcome.